Why Are Humidifiers for Heating and Not Cooling?

If you’ve ever noticed, your heating system never generates and removes water, but your air conditioning system has a condensation drain expel the generated moisture. Why is this? Humidity is the answer, and we’ll briefly explain humidity’s role in heating versus cooling and why humidifiers are subsequently only used in heating and not cooling.

Humidity: Friend to Heat

When it comes to capturing and holding heat in a space, humidity is an absolute friend. This is because humid air is full of water particles that create a sort of insulated web of material through which heat can’t so quickly travel through and escape. Instead of directly escaping unimpeded, such as in the case of dry air, the heat is then trapped and held in by all of the airborne water molecules. As such, you’re likely to see humidifiers and other means of humidification being used in homes during the heating season.

Why Isn’t Humidity Helpful to Cooling?

On the other hand, the above-mentioned concept also applies in the summer when you want to maintain a cool indoor space. Rather than utilizing its heat-holding properties, the humidifier is used to get rid of the moisture in the air. This allows for a much easier cooling effect to take place via the air conditioner or any other cooling means.

This is why you will notice some water drain-off occurring in all air conditioning systems. These systems effectively absorb the moisture and heat from the internal air space and displace that same heat and moisture outside of the home via heat exhaust and condensate drainage. This is also why you’ll likely not see a humidifier running in a home while an air conditioner is also running, as they would be directly working against each other.

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