QuietCool Installation Company

My Energy Wise Home Services is a heating and cooling company serving the Modesto, CA, area that offers QuietCool installations.

QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fan from My Energy Wise Home ServicesA QuietCool fan can help lower your energy bills during hot days when you need to use the AC. The climate is warm to hot most of the year in Modesto, and using a QuietCool fan can save you a significant amount of money. At My Energy Wise Home Services, we have been in business since 1961 and continue to stay on top of changing technology. Our technicians are licensed and insured, and they receive ongoing training to keep up with emerging technologies.

Rely on us because we:
  • Provide “service beyond expectations”
  • Have no hidden fees
  • Have affordable prices
  • Offer a 100% money-back guarantee

Benefits of QuietCool

QuietCool is a whole-house fan that works to cool your home at a rate of pennies per hour.

Quiet Cool System Attic Fan cooling home | My Energy Wise Home Services You can turn off the AC when the temperature isn’t too hot and let QuietCool maintain a cool environment. You’ll save a lot of money by only turning on the AC when you need it. QuietCool also works to improve indoor air quality. It eliminates pet dander and other pollutants that negatively impact your health. Customer satisfaction with QuietCool is around 98 percent, so there’s a good chance you’ll be happy with it, too.

Benefits of QuietCool include:
  • Savings of around 50-90% on cooling costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with a motor warranty
  • Helps eliminate indoor pollutants

Several experts have acknowledged the benefits of whole-house fans like QuietCool. The U.S. Department of Energy says that a whole-house fan is the most cost-efficient cooling method for homes. In 10 California climate zones, including the Modesto area, UCLA found that whole-house fans were able to replace air conditioners. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company confirmed that whole-house fans can use 90% less energy than compressor-based ACs.

My Energy Wise Home Services is a Quiet Cool Authorized Dealer

Installing QuietCool in Modesto

It’s easy for us to install a QuietCool fan because it doesn’t require the cutting of joists to retrofit. A QuietCool unit fits either 16 inches or 24 inches on center in the attic. It’s faster to install than traditional whole-house fans. The classic series comes with a 10-year motor warranty, and the pro series has a 15-year warranty. Our experienced technicians know the product well and can give you a quality installation.

My Energy Wise Home Services is experienced at installing QuietCool whole-house fans for residents in the Modesto area. You can trust us to correctly install your whole-house fan, so call us today. Check out what our customers are saying about us!