Understanding Your Best Options for Electric Heating

When choosing a heating system for your Modesto home, one decision you’ll have to make is whether to power that heating system with electricity or natural gas. Given the popularity of natural gas heating systems, their electric counterparts have developed a bit of a bad rap. However, chosen wisely, an electric heating system from My Energy Wise Home Services can actually be quite efficient while providing plenty of warm air to keep your house comfortable.

Electric Baseboard Heating

It’s hard to beat an electric baseboard heater to heat smaller spaces. These units are small, quiet, and surprisingly efficient. Plus, they have a low upfront cost when compared to other heating options. These elements combine to make electric baseboard heating an economical option.

Radiant Floor Heating

Since heat rises, it makes sense to have a heat source at or near the floor to help warm your entire room. One of the best options for this is radiant floor heating. Using electricity to circulate warm water underneath hard surface floors, a radiant heating system provides a comfortable, warm surface to walk on. It also offers enough radiant heat to reduce or eliminate the need to operate your central furnace.

Heat Pump

If you need a heating solution for a large house, there are few better options than a ground-source heat pump from My Energy Wise Home Services. These units are designed to be strikingly efficient, using electricity only to circulate refrigerant to trap heat from outside.

In the Modesto area, these units are particularly appealing because the winters here don’t get exceptionally cold. Of course, if you want the ultimate in efficiency, you can opt for a geothermal heat pump instead of a ground-source model. Using the ambient ground temperature to provide heating for the refrigerant, a geothermal heat pump can also provide cooling in the summer, making it a go-to solution for your home comfort needs.

The HVAC Team You Can Trust

Above all else, we at My Energy Wise Home Services seek to serve our customers with integrity. Whether we’re installing a new heat pump, doing a heating repair or maintaining your air conditioner, you can be sure that we’ll treat you fairly every time. With more than 55 years’ worth of service under our belt, you can be sure that there’s not much we haven’t seen. That means we can help you no matter how complex your needs are. For more information about keeping your house warm, give us a call at My Energy Wise Home Services today.